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Okta List Password Expired Users

List password expired users.

Okta Create User without Credentials

Create user without credentials.

Okta Get Current User

Get current user.

Okta Get User

Get user.

Okta Set Password

Set password.

Okta Get Assigned App Links

Get assigned app links.

Okta Change Password

Change password.

Okta Change Recovery Question

Change recovery question.

Okta Forgot Password (One Time Code)

Forgot password (one time code).

Okta Get Groups for User

Get groups for user.

Okta Activate User

Activate user.

Okta Deactivate User

Deactivate user.

Okta Expire Password

Expire password.

Okta Reset Factors

Reset factors.

Okta Reset Password

Reset password.

Okta Suspend User

Suspend user.

Okta Unlock User

Unlock user.

Okta Unsuspend User

Unsuspend user.

Okta Clear User Sessions

Clear user sessions.

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